EHR Questions?

Hospital Based Questions:

  • On-Site Support M-F 8:00am - 4pm
    • Direct Line 414.585.6288
  • Also available via Vocera:
    • Request "EHR Support"
      • CSM-M Vocera: 414.585.1995
      • CSM-O Vocera: 262.243.6707

Clinic Based Questions:


Provider EHR Training for Hospital-Based Care

Training is available for new physicians and advanced practice professionals or for those that would like additional help in navigating the EHR.
Workflow based overview of EHR
Hospital CPOE
Hospital PowerNote
Training sessions for members of the medical staff are held each week, see the table below for current offerings:
To schedule, contact one of the following:
Prior to appointment to the medical staff:
Central Credentials
(414) 465-3737
Established providers:
Clinical Informatics
Amy Kozicki
(414) 585-6288
Provide the following:
- Name
- Contact Number
- Email address
- Desired training date & time