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Update: Unified Medical Staff ByLaws

 An updated draft of the Ascension Unified Medical Staff ByLaws has been added to the Unified Medical Staff docport page

Memo: Urine Culture- Change in reporting

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Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital EHR Medical Staff Newsletter: September 2019

Topics this edition
Cerner Upgrade, effective 9.24.19
Documentation and Discharge of Patients to Skilled Nursing Facilities, effective 10.1.19
Diabetes Education in Hospital and Post Discharge Planning
Citrix update may be required for Cerner Access on personal devices
Local EHR Support

For questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the EHR or this newsletter, please contact me directly.

Suzanne Wilkerson, MD
Medical Director Hospital Clinical Informatics
Suzanne.wilkerson@ascension.org, 414-557-6860 (Pager)
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Medical Director Time Requirements Policy

If you are required to submit evidence of time and duties as an administrative physician, please see the new Medical Director Time Requirements policy linked below.  This information has also been emailed to all administrative physicians currently submitting time via Docport.

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