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What is it?

The Physician Division Operations Council and Hospital Physician Informatics Council have endorsed the implementation of OpenNotes. OpenNotes is an initiative that invites patients to review their visit notes written by their doctors, nurses or other clinicians via patient portal, CSMConnect.

Why do this?


Beginning November 1, 2013, all Primary & Specialty Office Clinic note types (excluding Behavioral Health) and limited Hospital note types will be visible by the patient from the patient portal, CSMConnect.

What is visible in the Portal:

  1. Medications, Problem List, Allergies and Procedures are already available. 
  2. Primary & Specialty Office Clinic note types (New starting 11-1-13)
  3. Hospital H+Ps and Discharge Summaries (New starting 11-1-13)

What is not visible in the Portal:

  1. Messages & Phone Messages
  2. All hospital note types except for H+Ps and Discharge Summaries
  3. Behavioral Health notes

Information on OpenNotes can be found on the CSM Intranet (Clinic Application Support/ News/OpenNotes) or DocPort sites.

Please be aware. Future patient portal note type releases will be visible retroactively to 11-1-2013.

OpenNotes Video